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You can choose as many banners and text links for placing on your site as you like. You may also create your own banner and text links and place them on your site with our approval. We encourage you to use your own words and share your own experiences of using Solo Explorer. Banners and links you create yourself must be sent for approval to before they can be placed on your site.

Please note that the banner or text link code must be placed on your site exactly as it appears on this page. The ONLY thing you need to change is USERNAME. Please replace it with your affiliate username from the welcome email that you will receive once you have been approved for participation in the Recognisoft Affiliate Program. You can have unlimited amount of tracker IDs so you can change TRACKERID to anything you want. It will show up in your affiliate administration panel when that specific tracker gets traffic.

For example, if your affiliate username is "jsmith" and your are using the tracker "advert1", your affiliate tracking URL code will look like:

<a href="">banner or text of your choice here</a>


Animated Banner Links

Code for the Banner Link:

Code for the Banner Link:


Static Banner Links

Code for the Banner Link:

Code for the Banner Link:


Text Links

Solo Explorer is versatile software that brings many benefits to its users, so it has many selling points. To maximize your commission earnings, we recommend that you use the text links that are most likely to appeal to your site's audience.

Wav to MIDI Converter - Solo Explorer!

Wav to MIDI Conversion Software - Solo Explorer!

Wav to MIDI Conversion Software - Free Trial!

Automatic Music Transcription software - Solo Explorer!

Revolutionary MIDI Transcription Technology - Free Trial!

Automatically transcribe your own music recordings - Solo Explorer!

Create Your Own Musical Compositions - Solo Explorer


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