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Features of Solo Explorer

Audio input features:

  • Windows PCM audio file input
  • built-in audio recording

Wav to MIDI conversion and music transcription features:

  • pitch extraction
  • pitch to midi conversion
  • automatic music transcription

Multimedia features:

  • integrated audio and MIDI player
  • 3 different MIDI playback modes
  • synchronous audio and MIDI playback
  • looped playback
  • selection of sound excerpts for playback
  • 128 general MIDI voice (instrument) selection

Display features:

  • pitch track display
  • music score display
  • multiple file processing

Score editing features:

  • click and drag note editing
  • selection of multiple notes for editing
  • inserting, deleting, transposing notes
  • changing note's properties
  • changing clef and key signature

File output features:

  • saving transcription results
  • saving pitch track as text
  • saving "exact" MIDI file
  • saving "real-length" MIDI file
  • saving "quqntized" MIDI file
  • saving music score as TeX file (for further typeseting with MusicTeX.)

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